Speedy Help from the Ascended Masters

By Sue Greenwald

In early 2018, my daughter & I drove from the Western Suburbs to Center City Philadelphia for an appointment to get her passport correctly issued.  We were right down to the wire getting the passport, and this was an important detail that we needed handled.

We proceeded on the Schuylkill Expressway, hitting a horrific traffic jam and coming to a dead stop.  We’d left plenty of time for traffic issues, but as time progressed with us at a standstill, my daughter became increasingly upset.  She was afraid she’d miss the appointment and wouldn’t get the passport.

We sat in this traffic jam at least 40 minutes or so.

Our GPS said that with the current traffic jam, we’d be at least 45 minutes late for the appointment.  Even without the traffic jam, we were already late, and there was no possible way we could have made the appointment on time.

Looking up, I saw a mile marker sign 333.3.  We googled the Spiritual Meaning of 3333, which said something like, “the Ascended Masters are with you.”   I then said something like “Ascended Masters, I ask you to clear the road now, allowing us to flow through traffic and easily make our appointment on time”, and waved my hand.  Literally, I wasn’t even done with that sentence, when traffic parted and moved out to the way, providing us with a clear drive to Philadelphia.

We looked at each other in shock, and said “we should have done that earlier”.

It was the most dramatic response that I’d ever seen, quicker than I could have expected.

Here’s the thing:  even with the remaining drive, finding parking, and walking to the building, we were 15 minutes early for the appointment.  There was no logical way that could have happened!

I work with the Angels & Ascended Masters all the time, especially when I travel.  I always ask that they clear the roads, keep us safe, and that we flow easily with traffic.  You must ASK for them for what you want, and state your request in a positive way.  You don’t need to give every detail, or agonize over it repeatedly.  Just ASK with quiet confidence.

Many times, we’ll ASK for what we want, but then put the energy of doubt out right behind it.  We don’t really think our request can come about That doubtful energy actually slows down the request from being granted.

When you have a request, ASK for it.  Maybe envision the end result, but leave it up to those that have a broader view than you do to bring your request into fruition.  Don’t be doubtful, don’t be anxious, be filled with quiet confidence that your wish will be granted, and is in process!



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