The Ripple Effect- Creating World Peace

We all want World Peace, especially when we hear the news.  Hearing all the negative is draining and often make us feel hopeless. We are in our comfortable lives, not knowing what we can do to help, just wanting to make sure we and our families are safe. The negative and fear we are exposed to is perpetuating the feeling of unrest that most of us  have.

World Peace starts with Y O U.  You must feel Inner Peace, or logically, there couldn’t be World Peace, since you’d be excluded.  But luckily, you are able to influence those around you in a positive way, which does affect the whole world!

Once you are able to find & maintain your sense of Inner Peace those around you will feel it, and it will lift them up as well.  (Finding Inner Peace is another topic, something we will touch on throughout the year.)

Have you ever noticed that when 1 person in a group is angry or grumpy, that anger and discontent passes along to each in the group, creating an angry complaining crowd in seconds. With instantaneous TV communication, we now have 24/7 access to any negative issue on our planet, which unfortunately helps to spread fear & anger and keep it in front of us non stop.

Conversely, if 1 person in a group exudes confidence and Inner Peace, it also catches on to others and calms them.  This is what I assume that Jesus did. I’ll bet Jesus never had a spaz attack like we do….he was calm no matter what the circumstances were. He “knew” that all was well, and those around him felt that confidence within him.

The energy of Calm & Peace is catching. We all have an energy field around us, which we sense in others. We can feel others moods and issues without any type of communication.  When your energy field is full of Peace & Calm, those around you will feel it.  It will soothe those around you.

Your state of being is more important than just you.  You want to feel good yourself throughout the day, but you want to affect those around you in a  positive & meaningful way.  This is the way to World Peace.

Your Energy Field creates the “Ripple Effect”, which ultimately affects World Peace.  When you feel Peace & Calm, others feel it;  those that they come into energetic contact with feel it too.  It spreads to those around them, spreading around the planet, without most of us realizing it.

The bottom line is that you want to feel good, and want to have the feeling of Peace & Calm in general. Always.  It is important that you feel good, but now you know that you can influence others, and you want that to be in a positive way.

By Sue Greenwald

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