Come join me, The Genie, at 2 Djinn Vision, on a Magic Carpet Ride. Drink a cup of my freshly brewed Armenian Coffee. I read your coffee cup to offer cosmic guidance. I look to your present, to see your future. Learn what’s to come in your near future, and how to embrace your life and prepare for what’s to come. Ask me a question, and you will know what to do or what the outcome will be. Do you proceed or do you not proceed? The guidance I receive from my Egyptian Runes are never wrong.

Make a Wish, and it will be granted. I can make your dreams come true. Be careful what you Wish for though, you will actually get it!
Choose one of my Magically Enchanted Sage Wands to burn and release the healing powers in the smoke, healing your space and yourself. They each target specifically, to certain ailments, to clear your energy and purify the energy fields surrounding you. Find One of a Kind Jewels from Around the World. Enjoy the Foretelling Ride into the Mystical Future of your life at 2 Djinn Vision.

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