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Jason Antalek – Akashaman

Jason bases your reading session on information in your own Akashic Record, the etheric database of your Soul’s journey. He looks into the energy your soul was created with and how that relates to your current incarnation. This knowledge empowers you through recognition of your Divine gifts, often discounted because we are taught to work with what is difficult for us; not to take “the easy way out.” The information gathered and delivered always resonates because it is your own energy that is read. From there we can address problems and solutions, answer questions and receive guidance, and identify past life issues that are showing up for you now. This empowering information is often life altering.

In addition, Jason offers healing and clearing in harmony with your highest good in that moment. Thought patterns, behavior cycles, hooks and cords, and energy field clearing are all available to you. Should we run into a question of what to do next, we simply consult your Akashic Record for direction.


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