Camille provides a variety of services that are customized to each person in every session. Intuitive Healing Sessions have a basis in Reiki Healing where Camille will check each chakra point and combined with your feedback and her intuitive abilities will cleanse and clear each energy center in your energy body. Working with the energy body it can have positive effects on the physical body as well. Camille combines crystal healing with her work as well as Bio-Energy techniques. She utilizes various techniques to remove blockages and pull the energy through your body and send excess and unwanted energies back to the earth to be restored. She works hand in hand with the Holy Fire energy to ensure you are renewed and refreshed.

Bio-Energy sessions are more target specific while still providing a nice full body treatment. 80% of this session is done standing. Camille focuses on cleansing and detoxifying 2-3 specific chakras per session. It is recommended to have 4 sessions, either consecutively or once a week for four weeks for optimal results.

Through the use of Reiki Symbols Camille works at a distance with a client if they are unable to see her in person. The same techniques are used at a distance to provide a chakra clearing and balancing for a quality full body treatment.

In her Psychic Spirit Guided Readings Camille utilizes her connection with Spirit to provide you with guidance on that which is most important to you now. She will often accompany this reading with the use of her Witch’s Tarot deck to provide clarification and visuals for the client. If you are looking for more guidance in terms of Spiritual Counseling she utilizes similar techniques to guide you through your personal growth and transformation. Don’t know where to go on your path? Spiritual Counseling is the way to go.

Akashic Records Readings use your full name to access your own personal Akashic Record (The Library of Souls) to speak with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to provide you guidance in this life, past lives, and healing. This is a very dynamic and varied reading. It is best done if you bring specific questions with you to ask your guides. We will all work together to guide you on your path.

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