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Marissa Costonis is a Health Change Guru, Certified Health Coach and Award-winning Author of the Amazon best-seller, Change BITES! 5 Change Management Strategies to Transform Your Health.

It’s not WHAT to eat it’s HOW to change your eating habits and health that’s the real challenge. It’s time for a different approach, one that recognizes the challenges of change no matter how big or small. Combining her background in organization change consulting with her experience and training as a holistic health coach, Marissa developed a step-by-step process for change that works for any and all eating styles! The “5 Bites to Health” approach transforms eating habits and health one bite at a time.

Marissa spent her career in organization change consulting with Accenture leading transformation initiatives around the world. After developing neuropathy and a host of other health problems began to pile up, she was forced to completely change her diet. Overwhelmed and confused, she began to apply all the leading business models and change management frameworks to support her own health transformation with great success. In her coaching practice, Change BITES, Marissa shares her unique approach to support others in their journey to health one bite at a time.

Marissa won the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Top 10 Author Contest, she was named People Maven’s Top Nutritionist for the new year and her book was awarded Top Book on Dieting that Will Help You Achieve Your Goals This Year. Marissa has been featured in publications such as Mantra Wellness and Gluten-Free Living as well as Forbes,, Benefits Pro, CFO, HR Daily Digest, and Leader to Leader. She has been a guest host on many podcasts such as Rock House Style, The Entrepreneur Way, A Time to Heal and Action Now CFO.

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