About Diane Canfield: Psychic Clairvoyant, Galactic Ambassador With In Person Visits by Alien Races, Multidimensional /Higher Consciousness Teacher, Psychic Crystal Healer 

Diane Is a Galactic Human and Ambassador who teaches about the transformation of humans into the world of Multidimensionality thereby  becoming Galactic Humans. Diane’s galactic race contact started as a child with missing time and other psychic and out of body experiences. 

She has had IN PERSON contact with 5 different races of Aliens. These include the Greys, Pleiadians, Blue Rays, Acturians and Lemurians. 

Diane is a psychic clairvoyant medium. She has clear sight into other dimensions and has been thrown into other dimensions at times. She has taught thousands how to raise their consciousness to be able to develop themselves psychically and multidimensionally. 

She is a gifted healer using the energy of the galactics and ascended masters to heal and transform people’s lives. 

She is a highly and well known Ascension Teacher who regularly gives Energy updates on the state of ascension and transformation of the Human race into the New Earth. She is an expert in the field of Energy and how each ascension wave affects the body and building of the Light Body.


visit www.diancanfield.com

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