Orgone Energy Pyramids

Orgone Energy Pyramids are a mixture of resin, metal particles and crystals which are molded into Russian Nubian or Giza Pyramid designs. This combination draws in negative, harmful energies and transmutes them into positive, beneficial energies. The Pyramid shape creates a cosmic antenna which tunes-in to universal energy sources. The pyramid receives the universal energy and uses it to cleanses the atmosphere around itself. Orgone Energy devices are powerful on their own but when you combine Orgone Energy AND Pyramid Power…PaPowwww!

Orgone Energy Pyramids can be used to:
* protect yourself from harmful electrical magnetic frequencies
* aid in meditation
* assist Energy Healers in their practice
* increase your energy levels
* strengthen the human aura
* enhance healing
* restructure water, food and drink
* enhance plant growth
* improve sleep quality
* relieve nightmares
* calm negative people

All our orgone energy devices are designed with pure loving intent and spiritual guidance. They are cured inside a Russian Nubian Pyramid while the 528 Hz Solfoggio Frequency is played. Each device is also infused with Reiki Energy.

When correctly made and aligned properly your device will emit a no cost, consistent, healing energy to anyone or anything near it.

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