Total Body Analysis Healings with Take Home Remedy for people and pets.

Through the use of an advanced form of kinesiology (also known as Muscle Testing) Total Body Analysis (TBA) is able to identify and correct imbalances so your body can heal. The body cannot lie; hence it knows what it needs to heal, get balanced and stronger.

By tapping into your energy in person (or remotely via photo) I am able to identify:

1. The exact body systems, parts and functions that need attention.

2. The reasons body functions are not working optimally, such as food sensitivities, nutritional deficiency, virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites, heavy metals or chemical toxicity, emotional or spiritual origins, etc.

3. The nutritional elements needed as fuel for your particular health issue that have become dormant due to the lack of energy flow or blocks, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, etc.

4. Emotional aspects that are currently out of balance with Bach Flower Remedies.

5. Homeopathic remedy needed for healing support.

Once completed, a Quantum Signature Complex Remedy is made for specifically for you. The remedy is contained in a 2 oz glass vial with a dropper. It is completely non-interfering and safe to take as it does not interfere with any medication or food and contains everything needed listed above!

Remote TBA (via photo ) is great for your loved ones who cannot attend the event, and is also extremely effective and non invasive on pets. I will need a picture of you or your loved one’s face with a clear view of their eyes and their current full name for a treatment.

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