Awaken Your Consciousness (Spiritual Wellness Energy Workshop)

with our mentor ShreeKalp
a grand master of Universal Energies!

We look at life as a problem and seek solutions for problem solving. Life is a GIFT! It is for experiencing love in relationships, for living in harmony and understanding life’s purpose! The wellness energy workshop is comprised of several interactive activities to help you to connect with your inner self, to awaken your consciousness, to reduce physical, emotional and mental stress of daily life, to experience Bliss and Peace of Mind. Join us to enhance your experience of Love, Happiness and Knowledge with ShreeKalp – a true friend, mentor and guide.

Kriyas, Meditation, Chanting and Sadhana creates vibrations that circulate the energy at the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels. These vibrations help you to balance, clean and purify your energy in day to day life’s situations.

• Negative Energy Removal
• Chakra and Energy balancing
• Vital force Rejuvenation and Healing
• Channelize your inner intelligence
• Advance your personal / spiritual growth.

Spiritual Wellness Energy workshop © is an immersive experience that will change how you relate to world – an experience to be felt and to be dived into.

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