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                   Hemp, Health and Happiness. This is what CBD can bring to your life.

                                  Here is why Kannaway CBD should be your product of choice:





The Company of ‘FIRSTS’

  • First to bring non-psychoactive CBD from hemp to the U. Federally legal and available with no prescription.
  • Kannaway’s Pure Gold became the first CBD product to ever be included among the prescribing guidelines provided in the U.S, Prescribers Digital Reference, PDR when the product was added to the 2019 Edition of the important healthcare resource.
  • Parent Company, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was first publicly traded cannabis company in the US. Brand Ambassadors can earn up to 4.4 million shares of MJNA Stock.
  • First CBD research and development company that chose o market through the Direct Selling Industry to get CBD products to people on a global level. We are in the CBD HEMP Industry with intension. We weren’t a water weight loss or supplement business company that went into the CBD business as an afterthought.
  • First and only Cannabis company to receive the licensing rights to the 507 US Patent (#6,630,507, the one that other CBD company’s talk about).
  • First Cannabis-based product, Pure CBD that would qualify under World Anti-doping standards (WADA) direct sales.
  • MJNA executives were asked to speak to the World Health Organization and the United Nations Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Over 1100 NFL alumni are currently, utilizing Kannaway products.
  • Launched the largest distribution pipeline of hemp CBD.
  • Largest producer of hemp in the world
  • First and only company t the market place with Humulus, a non-cannabis CBD oil. 100%THC free for those undergoing strict drug tests where consumption of the cannabis is illegal.
  • Kannaway is the only company to partner with Master Herbologist Dr. Jenelle Kim: MSTOM, L Ac., Dipl.OM. She shares over 700 years of her family’s secret recipe with the world through BIBONG TM BLEND SUPPLEMENTS. “The Whole is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts”.
  • First CBD company to create independent triple lab testing so quality is documented with lab results.
  • Kannaway is 1 of only 2 CBD companies where their label facts were found to be correct. Out of hundreds tested our label matched the content of the bottle including mg of CBD per serving.
  • Documented clinical trials on Pure Gold Oil (RSHO-X our weakest product) which had a 67% reduction in seizures in the test group with NO side effects. None of the others have clinical trials.
  • RSHO, Real Scientific Hemp Oil (our Premium Hemp Oil, Gold) is being written as a prescription medicine and paid for by insurance in 11 countries for 13 indications (illnesses).
  • Very competitive co per mg. Per serving, per month supply.
  • MNJA has played a role in changing the federal laws in 3 countries. None of the others have changed laws.
  • Major media coverage on The Doctors, T.T, Dateline. The History Channel, ESPN, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, NBC, CBS, CNBC, Direct Selling News and more.
  • ECHO Connection, Our non-profit sister company which stands for (Education, Collaboration and Hope) assists people financially who rely on cannabinoids and can’t afford them. Provides over 25,000 research articles on
  • Hemp is sourced from Austria on generational farms (over 100 years of hemp farming) with no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. CO2 extraction is used to process the CBD.  It is the most expensive process but it is the safest and produces the best results.
  • CBD from Kannaway is recommended and endorsed by Bob Wright, President of the American Anti-Cancer Institute and author of Killing Cancer not People.
  • First and only CBD company to offer Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) within its lucrative compensation plan including 10 ways to get paid.
  • We don’t ship into countries that aren’t legal and put our distributors in harm’s way by not following the letter of the law. We are legally distribution throughout the US and EU with more markets coming in 2019.



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