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Remnants of Magic

Remnants of Magic creates the highest quality in handcrafted one of a kind wire wrapped jewelry in sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire. Every item sold through Remnants of Magic is chosen for its beauty and metaphysical properties thus ensuring you get a piece that is as magical as the person who wears it.

Empower yourself with our line of Power beads bracelets. Power bead bracelets can help attain love, money, health and more. We only carry top quality all natural gemstones and each bead is hand selected for its stunning beauty and healing properties. Relieve yourself from stress, anxiety and depression with our selection of custom made healing gemstone bracelets.

We also carry energy sprays, crystals, minerals, pictures, cards, and handcrafted crystal wands made with sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire adored with crystals and gems from all around the world and much more!

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