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Rhythm of the Earth, LLC

Cyndy “Grandmother Snake Dancer” Paige is of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage, a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society, and the founder of Rhythm of the Earth. She offers one-of-a-kind medicine tools such as shaman drums, rattles, smudge/prayer feathers, medicine bags and other ceremonial objects that were created by her in a reverent manner. These custom-made creations are looking for the ones who will carry them in a sacred way. Stop by, play the drums and rattles, and share a part of yourself with Grandmother. It’s the best part of the day!

Grandmother also offers private power animal retrievals at her booth, by appointment.

She has a private healing practice (soul retrieval, chakra clearing, sound healing and past life regression) in the rolling hills of Landenberg, Pennsylvania. Grandmother also teaches one-year and two-year shamanic apprenticeships, and facilitates solo vision quest experiences, healing retreats, and numerous workshops. She humbly honors her teachers, both seen and unseen.

Also featured:

Meryl Joblin, shamanistic artist, has been on a healing path for 3 decades. She incorporates meditation, chant, the power of the Hebrew letters and other forms of vibrational healing into her one of a kind necklaces which become a talisman for the wearer. She also names each necklace and provides a blessing along with a singing bowl experience.

Meryl is a fiber artist as well and offers wall hangings and unique talisman that carry the energy of transformation!

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