Cyndy “Grandmother Snake Dancer” Paige is of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage, a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society, and the founder of Rhythm of the Earth. She offers one-of-a-kind medicine tools such as shaman drums, rattles, smudge/prayer feathers, medicine bags and other ceremonial objects that were created by her in a reverent manner. These custom-made creations are looking for the ones who will carry them in a sacred way. Stop by, play the drums and rattles, and share a part of yourself with Grandmother. It’s the best part of the day!

Grandmother also offers private power animal retrievals at her booth, by appointment.

She has a private healing practice (soul retrieval, chakra clearing, sound healing and past life regression) in the rolling hills of Landenberg, Pennsylvania. Grandmother also teaches one-year and two-year shamanic apprenticeships, and facilitates solo vision quest experiences, healing retreats, and numerous workshops. She humbly honors her teachers, both seen and unseen.

Also featured:

Kathy Owen is a lifelong musician with classical training who has been playing Indigenous Flutes for 13 years. She first picked up a Native American Flute at a local powwow and the connection was immediate. Seeing and feeling the power of the flute to transform people on a deep spiritual level led her to explore Sound Healing and learning to use her flutes to bring comfort, help and healing to others in need of the flute’s gifts. She enjoys sharing the soothing sounds of the flute to draw out emotions and open up deeply guarded places in a person’s psyche, allowing whatever healing energy is needed to flow through. 

Following a traditional Native American path was a natural outgrowth of discovering her Cherokee heritage as a child. Kathy creates one of a kind traditional dreamcatchers and prayer/smudge fans and feathers designed in a sacred manner. 

She also offers custom made Native American Flutes and teaches flute privately and for the University of Delaware. She enjoys sharing Native American culture and history through ceremony, storytelling and song, offering people a different way of being in the world.

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