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Robin Eatman-Psychic Medium

Robin Eatman  Psychic Medium Animal Communicator

Robin is passionate about Nature and Animals.   Trees, rocks and even spider webs are always talking to her, with messages for mankind.  She grew up with a family that was gifted on both sides, so talking with animals, nature, Spirit Guides and those that have passed to the other side has become second nature to her.

Robin is a retired Therapy Dog Evaluator for TDI, AKC Good Citizen Evaluator, Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist.  She’s always been a Natural Healer, with all her readings centered around what the client needs to heal.  The Spirit Guides will show her what her client can achieve in this lifetime,

Robin is a professional and Medium, talking to animals and loved ones on the other side

She offers Animal Communication Classes, Mediumship Classes and Reiki 1, 2, and 3 Classes along with Mentorship Classes.  She’s currently writing a book called “Messages from Nature”.

Robin will offer 3 different types of readings through the weekend:

  1. Talking to an animal, here or passed over.  The animal does not need to be present but a photograph make it easier for her to connect.
  2. Messages from a passed over loved one, of your choice.  You’ll be able to specify who you with to connect.
  3. Connecting with your Spirit Guides for the Best Path for your life time.

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