Your Wise Magical Voice presents compelling information that sets the stage to open the listener to a new way of holding their voice, as an amazing tool for effective, heart-centered communication, healing and spiritual awakening. We will have videos, articles and tools on display that demonstrate that your own embodied voice is a powerful sonic tool of vibration.

Your voice is a living instrument and carries your life force energy.

Your voice is a holographic representation of your health.

You can develop a deeper listening to the voices of your intuition and your heart to help guide you.

You have a holy voice inside you!

Ruth Ratliff’s book, The Voice of Women’s Wisdom, will also be available for purchase. In this transformative book, the author shares her personal journey of how she learned to harness the power of her voice for healing and empowerment. Expression is a creative gift that we are all born with, and women’s historical lack of rights have made us doubt our wise and intuitive voice.Through groundbreaking information backed by science, the author conveys the potential of our sound as a dynamic tool for healing and empowering the feminine voice, and awakening our divine nature.

Ruth Ratliff, Voice Professional and Inspirational Speaker, has been fascinated with the expressive and healing potential of the voice since she was a young voice student, and has a particular passion for the healing and spiritual properties of our voices. She holds a Level 1 certification in vocal sound healing and is also certified in Shoden Reiki Level I. Ruth is a published author, and her book “The Voice of Women’s Wisdom” can be found on

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