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The True Wellness Center

The True Wellness Center is a nutritionally-based, European Biological center whose philosophy is focused on the understanding that today’s health challenges arise from layers of toxic health stressors and a lack of proper nutrition. Over time these health stressors cause a breakdown in a person’s immune system and a disruption in the natural self-regulation or compensation of the body, eventually leading to symptoms and dis-ease.

True Wellness focuses on clearing the physical, environmental and toxic emotional health stressors from one’s body. Ultimately our goal is to remove the toxic build-up by utilizing individualized and computerized analyses along with a specialized personal wellness program. Each program is specifically tailored to Restore, Maintain and Enhance each individual’s own healing capacity. A major component of our programs is our True Advantage Membership Area (TAMA). Restorative Wellness Devices in our TAMA include our Sunlighten sauna, Halotherapy, PEMF therapy and our healing Ajna light therapy, plus more. We will be offering special 1 time only discounts for all those that visit our booth!

In addition, we will be showcasing our Sound of Soul technology which is one of our newest therapies. It utilizes your very own heartbeat and the result is experiencing yourself in sound, light and color in the here and now! You will hear the rhythm and vibe that you exude through your thoughts, breath and being. It awakens in you the awareness that the vibration of your heartbeat is unique like your fingerprint. In turn demonstrating that each person plays an absolutely unique individual life melody. Stop by our booth for an in depth look into the Sound of your Soul.

To top off your experience we will be demonstrating the importance of minerals in your overall health and wellness and how they truly are the sparkplugs of life! Our recommended liquid mineral formulation will be available for purchase at our booth!

Raffles will be held for various therapies at our center to all who take this journey with us!


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