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Way too Much (Letting Go)

Way too Much (Letting Go)

Have you ever

  • Gone to visit a new acquaintance, and found that there was no counter space, and nowhere to sit because of piles of things all over?  You’d have to move piles of junk to clear a spot to sit, and most likely weren’t too comfortable.
  • Ridden in someone’s car, where there were old bags from fast food restaurants, piles of mail, shoes, and crumbs all over the car?  The windows were dirty, and the car smelled bad?
  • Been to an office where there are notes pasted on every wall, around the computer screen, and even on the phone?   Maybe there were piles of files all over, and the person helping you had to search for several minutes to get the information that you needed.

When I am in an environment that is not “reasonably” neat, I am very uncomfortable.

Most of us have too many things:  Too many clothes in our closets, too many items in our kitchen cupboards, too many DVD’s, too many tools, just too many things.  We live in a culture with constant bombardment to BUY BUY BUY, which we are peppered with on TV, the Internet, and all sources of the media!

Each object on the planet has its own energy whether the object is living or inanimate.  When we have too many items around us, we subconsciously feel  crowded in our environment, and our energy level becomes lowered.  If we don’t love the items around us, our energy levels will become lowered.

Not only does our physical energy become lower, but our emotional energy will decline as well. We’re so used to being busy, that we don’t tune into our bodies and realize that our energy levels are low. We’ve become desensitized to the energy around us.

When your environment is crowded, you may feel overwhelmed and tired, rather than feeling relaxed and comfortable, even in your own home. This is partially why we sometimes have a hard time coming home, even after a great day. Everything in the house screams “handle me”, “fix me” or ‘clean me”, and then we feel burdened and overwhelmed.  If there are piles of stuff to attend to, you won’t feel relaxed in your own home!

This is not about cleaning, but we need to Clean, Sort, and Organize and make our physical environments better.  When the unused, unwanted, extra items are removed, you will feel better in the environment.  Your energy will feel better, and you’ll feel lighter.

Those piles of clutter, those undone items, just remind you of all that you have to do.  Do you REALLY need more TO DO reminders in your life?  Wouldn’t you prefer to trust that the important things would get done?  Wouldn’t it be better just to have the things you need or like around you, so that you can use and enjoy them?

A friend of mine had piles of magazines and catalogs all over her home.  She was afraid to recycle them, as she might need some of the information in the magazines. She never considered that she had so many that she’d never be able to locate specific information anyway!  (Or that she could get the information online)  I convinced her to donate the magazines, and it instantly gave her so much more “free” space in her kitchen and office! She instantly felt lighter and less burdened.

Discard or donate anything that you don’t love,  need or use, or anything that’s broken and haven’t gotten around to fixing.  These extra, unwanted items in your home, car and office are bringing your energy levels down.  By spending a little time and clearing these items away, you’ll bring your energy levels up, and surround yourself with possessions that you enjoy, and use. You’ll feel greater energy in your home or office without the clutter dragging you down

Keep sentimental items, things that are totally necessary, things that you really like, and discard all of the other things.

Items that need repair should be fixed or discarded.  By items that you do not love, include gifts that you don’t like, items you never use, things that are there out of guilt or obligation.

I once had a very expensive blouse with a permanent stain on it, making it un-wearable.  Every time I opened my closet and saw the sleeve of that blouse, I felt guilty for staining it, and upset that I paid too much for it.  I could not discard the blouse, because of how much I paid for it, but it brought my energy levels down.  Finally, mustering my resolve, I threw the blouse away. I did feel discomfort then, but once it was out of the closet, I felt much lighter every time I went in there.

Completion items are things you have been procrastinating about handling. These can be things like making phone calls or appointments, balancing your checkbook, cleaning your car.  These are things you really don’t want to do but they need to be done and keep hanging “over your head”. Delegate these items, but they must be completed so that you can move forward.

Just thinking about doing completion items may bring your energy down.  Sometimes, doing the actual task is easier than avoiding it!

Make a list of all areas in your environment that need clearing, including the completion items in your Home, Office and then Completion Items.

My list looked like this:


  • Home office, file system redone
  • Desk cleared off
  • Closet sorted
  • Garage Sorted
  • Basement storage sorted


  • Sort & file
  • Call others that I’ve procrastinated on

Completion Items:

  • Cancel phone service
  • Rearrange cellular service
  • Call mortgage companies and creditors to discuss interest rates

Once your environment is clean and clear, what things can you do to make it better?  This can include things like moving furniture around, hanging pictures, painting.  These do not have to be large or expensive things. Sometimes small changes to what you have can give you great satisfaction. What things can make the environment “yours”, comfortable for you to occupy?

Start small: try to clear or clean out 1 closet, drawer or cupboard per day, so that the job can be done somewhat easier, and you will feel small successes along the way.  Sometimes you may be inspired to do larger, more time-consuming projects, but just do what you can fit in to each day. You are not supposed to feel overwhelmed, so start with small things, and build up to larger and larger projects so that you may experience success and a progressive feeling of lightness

By Sue Greenwald

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  1. Karen T. Hluchan on July 25, 2018 at 12:41 PM

    Wonderful article, Sue!

  2. Sue Greenwold on July 25, 2018 at 6:28 PM

    Thanks! Working on this myself all the time! Sue

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