What if we could heal the world through storytelling?

 submitted by KrystaLyn Vetovich

Can a writer also be a healer? Maybe that sounds ridiculous but think about it. Imagine that the books you read could make an impact on your whole life, help you resolve subconscious traumas, and even lead to physical and mental healing.

Here’s a quick science lesson for you:

Your brain works in waves, ranging from alpha (super active) to gamma (completely unconscious), and somewhere in the blissful middle where we dream at night is the theta brainwave.

The theta brainwave is what hypnotists tap into, and it is also the brainwave you spent the first seven years of your life using while you developed most of your core beliefs. (Irrational fear of butterflies? What happened before you were seven that created the limiting belief that butterflies will hurt you?)

Those core beliefs become the template with which you experience the world for the rest of your life. Whenever you experience something, your brain draws from the first impression you had of that thing. If it was good, you get good thoughts, then good feelings, and finally positive reactions. If your first experience was a negative one…you get the idea.

This is why we deal with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and pain. If your first experience was traumatic, your brain is hardwired to panic whenever something feels similar to that first situation. Your brain thinks it’s protecting you, but these feelings can get so stuck that your body may try to balance them with physical illness. This is the theory behind most healing modalities like Reiki and faith healing.

It doesn’t seem fair that your life experience is decided that early, does it? But you can change anything that holds you back!  You still use the theta brainwave every day!

You use it when you dream at night, when you zone out in the car (work on that one, though), when you “brainlessly” watch television, when you picture or imagine anything…and when you picture the stories you read in books!

Does this make you question the quality of what you watch and what you read? It did that to me too.

But this is where everything changes! What if you read books that were specifically designed to change your limiting beliefs for you while you simply enjoy the story?

What if the quality of entertainment you choose could actually lead to mental and even physical healing?

That is the movement I was inspired to begin a few days ago while walking on my treadmill and asking God what He wanted me to do with all the things He’s given me. Naturally, God began this the moment I was born when He created me with a passion for writing and for helping His people.

You don’t need to read my books for any reason other than to be entertained and to feel like you can make just as much of an impact in this world as any hero you read about in stories. Just know, this is my wish for you: That you find purpose, passion, worth, and even healing through stories that light up your soul, and I am honored if my stories play a part in your heroic journey.


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