What is a High-Vibration Book?

By KristaLyn A. Vetovich

How is your reading list going this year? Because mine is looking a little shorter than I’d hoped when I set my lofty Goodreads goals back in January. I’ve read plenty of nonfiction books – they’re amazing, helpful, can be super skimmable – but I’m a fiction author so I need to pepper in some books that fall within my genre to keep my skills sharp and also to stoke the flames of my writing passion! I love fiction fantasy books, but lately, I can’t seem to pick up a book without losing interest and putting it back down. Does this sound like you too?

I had to figure out what was going on. Is it my attention span as I’m getting older? I’m not even thirty yet, so, God, I hope not. Is it that my life needs more of my attention? Maybe, but my mind also needs fun and rest and that’s where reading for entertainment truly shines!

Then I realized the truth: I’m trying to rest in stories that are centered around themes of anxiety and all the feelings I don’t want to feel. I was reading low-vibration books. I needed to focus on books that give me the feelings I want: High-vibration books!

What is a High-Vibration Book?

A high-vibration book is a book that raises your vibration as you read it. In psychology, life coaching, ThetaHealing, and many of the holistic modalities that I’ve studied for the last decade, it is understood that everything is energy and that everything carries a vibration. You raise your vibration through feelings. Joy, love, and excitement are high vibrations, which is why we prefer them over low vibrations like depression, anxiety, or sadness. So a high-vibe book gives us a high-vibe feeling when we read it. We need both to lead a full and balanced life.

However, the books with heavy themes of anxiety were not giving me high vibes, and since my life circumstances were a bit low-vibe, it was like an overdose of low vibration.

Why is High Vibration Entertainment Important?

When I speak at expos and conferences on How Fiction Stories Heal the Soul, I like to include all fiction stories because I don’t just read books for fun and I’m sure books aren’t your only form of entertainment either! I love video games, music, binge-watching series on streaming services just like anyone else, and I’ve realized that these can be the keys to raising our own vibrations and to helping the world rise as well!

Think about the entertainment you absorb on a daily basis. When you turn your brain off, what show or video is on the screen, what music is on the radio, what content is scrolling on your newsfeed?

Fun fact: the brainwave used for hypnosis is called the theta brainwave. It is the brainwave we use to imagine, the frequency at which our brain dreams when we’re asleep, and also the brainwave we fall into when we “zone out” in front of the TV or computer or phone. When we tune out the world and tune into our forms of entertainment, we open ourselves up to the hypnotic vibration of whatever information our brain picks up in the environment.

When I realized this, I knew I had to start curating my entertainment toward a higher, happier vibration if I wanted to pacify the crazy, stressful low vibes that life was throwing at me. If I rest, I want to be resting in contentment! If you want to be more conscious of your entertainment, let me show you some ideas of where to start!

Real Examples of High-Vibe Content

You’ve experience high-vibe stories before, so this will be easy for you to recognize. I want you to think of a franchise that you can’t get enough of. What show or game or influencer are you a total fan of? If you follow the fandoms, you’ll find plenty of high-vibe content. We have this incredible, innate urge to pull together around things that make us feel included and make us believe the world can be a magical, better place.

What fandoms do you belong to?

Here are some of my favorite fandoms:

  • Disney
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Doctor Who
  • Anime
  • Final Fantasy
  • Harry Potter
  • Percy Jackson

See how easy that is?

Now imagine consuming that content to raise your own vibration, but also sharing it to spread some high vibes to the rest of the world? Follow me @TheRealKristaLyn on Instagram and let’s flood social media with high-vibe entertainment so we can shift the balance toward joy and inclusion and diversity and safety for all!




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