Why Do You Keep Seeing Angel Number 1111?

By Hope Lux


Why Do You Keep Seeing Angel Number 1111?


Angels are all around and communicate with us through a Divine language of signs and symbols. One of their most commonly used signs? Angel numbers. 

What exactly are Angel numbers? They are numerical sequences seen on repeat. You may see them on clocks, license plates – even hear ‘em in song lyrics. At times, it may seem like the same Angel number is following you everywhere you go (and it probably is!). Each number carries a different vibration and energetic meaning in the Universe that extends way beyond just mere quantity. 

When you see a series of numbers show up in your life, pay attention. Each holds a specific message from the Angels about your situation and how you can improve it. 

One of the most notorious Angel numbers is 1111. It’s often one of the first number sequences most people receive…and take notice. Like other Angel numbers, Angel number 1111 carries multiple meanings and its interpretation will be unique to you depending on your personal circumstances.

Here are several meanings of 1111:

  1. A portal is opening up to you

Whatever you’ve been thinking about is about to manifest in your physical reality, so get ready. Pay special attention to where you’ve been placing your energy. The Angels are reminding you to watch your thoughts. Keep it all positive to attract like energies to your life. Otherwise, you may attract something you do not desire.

  1. A reawakening is on the horizon

Subtle shifts are happening in your world which will result in a major reawakening. Specifically, your priorities are realigning to help guide you on your life path to your higher good. Personal growth and development are about to go into overdrive.

  1. You’ve got a line to the Divine

Seeing Angel number 1111 is like having the heavenly world on speed dial. You’ve worked hard, taken focused action and the Angels have definitely noticed. And now they are helping you jumpstart those next steps in your journey. Blessing are en route to you in the form of financial gain, a new job – even meeting a new person who can help bring about prosperity and abundance in your life. 


Seeing Angel number 1111? This is what you should do!

Press pause for a moment. What were you just doing? What were you just thinking? Or feeling? Take stock of your thoughts and actions to see if one of the meanings of 1111 apply to you. Chances are, one will jump out at you.

Number 1111 is only one of the many Angel number sequences that the Angels use to communicate important messages to you. [https://www.theangelwriter.com/blog/guide-angel-numbers] Think you’re being visit by an Angel? Here are 14 Angel signs that you are! [https://www.theangelwriter.com/blog/angel-signs]

Hope Lux is an Angelic writer and channel, intuitive empath and creator of The Angel Writer – and she’s all about helping you move forward, look ahead, smile from the inside out with the love and guidance of the Angels. For years, she’s been receiving channeled messages from the Angelic realm. She has a special interest in tapping into the hope, help and healing of the Angels to comfort those who are feeling loss or lost from life’s detours. [www.TheAngelWriter.com]


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